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Jared/Jensen student/teacher 'verse

teacher!Jensen/student!Jared 'verse
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Jared/Jensen Highschool AU
tastyeyelinerstephie & noa_lunanoa: One day, annellaelle wrote smut. Which is not a strange thing at all, cause annellaelle rules at writing smut. But this time the smut was so amazingly hot, that annellaelle almost killed all her friends with teh hawtness. And her friends loved it. As did the entire SPN fandom.

annellaelle: I blame Cry Wolf. Jared in school uniform. Yeah.

tastyeyelinerstephie & noa_lunanoa: All her friends begged annellaelle to write more, and the Jared/Jensen student/teacher 'verse was born.

annellaelle: OMG I've never had a 'verse of my own! :D

tastyeyelinerstephie & noa_lunanoa: tastyeyelinerstephie was so in love with this new 'verse, that she started writing down all the prompts she could think of. Which happened to be more than 50 prompts (GET THEM HERE).

annellaelle: Some people have too much time on their hands. O_o Anyway, I've had a lot of people saying to me 'hey, I had a bunny for your Highschool AU 'verse - mind if I write it?' and since the lovely noa_lunanoa and tastyeyelinerstephie made this comm a wee while ago with this in mind, I figured YES, let's open it up, and let anyone who wants to write in it. :D

There's not much in the way of rules - as long as it's set in the HIGHSCHOOL AU 'VERSE, it's all good. You don't even have to follow canon (that is, anything I write in this 'verse) if you don't want to. All I ask is that you don't split the boys up for good, or kill either of them! *wibbles*

If you aren't a writer but have thought of a great prompt, feel free to post it! Someone out there might be inspired. You could also post icons, inspiring pictures, manips, whatever you want to as long as it's related to Highschool AU. :D

tastyeyelinerstephie & noa_lunanoa: The title of this journal refers to a manga called 'Welcome to the Chemistry Lab' about a student/teacher relationship. We thought it was funny.

annellaelle: Manga? O_o Wtf is that? :D

YAY FOR teacher!Jensen/student!Jared :D (brought to you by tastyeyelinerstephie cos she's awesome)

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